We are an exclusive manufacturing company with an extraordinary love for elegant scents. The limited manufacturing of this selected Eau de Parfum follows our creation process in the South of France.


We consciously decided by produce the flacon and the packing against subcontractors from Asia. Our manufacturing company stands in the sign of quality and trust “Made in France and Germany”.


Next to our creative work the entire logistics are based from our headquarters. This is the starting point of MAËL – SCENT OF MEN’s journey.


Cosmopolitans appreciate MAËL – SCENT OF MEN equally as public figures from the fields of economy, culture, fashion and sports. The exclusive circle of customers is one thing in common: the love for the extraordinary off the beaten mainstream paths.



The name MAËL is unisex and means Prince or Princess.

Next to MAËL – SCENT OF MEN, we are currently designing the female counterpart, MAËL – SCENT OF WOMEN.